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Laboratory series / since 2021

Provocation and Care is a horizontal lab series seeking to rediscover the political and physical potential of contact improvisation.

Over time, CI from practice, which appeared as essentially experimental and performative, got institutionalised through commercial festivals and workshops, reducing itself to support techniques and interaction standards. Next year, CI will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and we are not only imagining its future but discussing its problems and issues that are re-actualising in practice – consent, ethics, trauma-informed approach, harassment, inclusion, etc...

During the laboratories, we aim to learn about the origins of CI, watch recordings of the pioneer performances and experiment with our interactions in the CI dances and scores. It seems particularly important to discuss these political and social origins of CI in relation to the post-pandemic and post-protest bodies of contemporary Russia, as the dance is (re-)born out of the spirit of the times.


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