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Dasha Sedova is an independent dance artist with an academic background. She studied at the Moscow University, then in Paris with a focus on the theory of spatial perception and semiotics of urban space. Since 2012, she has been involved in the contemporary dance scene through Axis Syllabus Research Community and accomplished SMASH (experimental training in physical performance) in Berlin in 2016. She also studied dance in RE:SEARCH professional dance program (Israel). From 2015, Dasha creates site-specific performances and facilitates labs (‘Dancing the mundane’) in attempt to reconsider what is ‘normal’ and acceptable for a human body in the city. Her other field of interest is dynamic meditations, for which in 2018 Dasha received a STEP grant and Cimetta grant to travel to Tunisia and study trance practices (Stambeli, Gnawa, aysaweiya). This research led to the creation of ‘ababab’ - a performative installation based on the concept of ‘energetical’ choreography working with cycles of physical and mental excitement-exhaustion.

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