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Video / 5 min / 2015

Concept&choreography: Dasha Sedova

Performance: Kristina Petrova, Lyudmila Selivanova

Video: Vik Laschenov, Dasha Sedova

When my body becomes a social element inscribed in the scale of dense people’s flows, it starts to function by different — conventional, though silenced — laws. Going out on the street, going down to the metro, taking place in a waiting line I automatically accept a new mode of movement and reconsider its character (by narrowing or changing its spectrum). My private space is radically reduced, and my experience is now a thoroughly collective one: my individual body becomes social.

Within my research, I aimed to find the main mechanisms and features of these ritualized spaces, to experience their limits, to find a potential movement in a forced contact with other bodies or a restriction, and use it to dance.

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