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Laboratory series / since 2018

Saint-Petersburg, Russia: 18-21 April 2019
Moscow, Russia: 7 Nov - 16 Dec, 2018; 13 October, 2018; 16-17 June 2018

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Invisible dance: dancing the mundane is a performance research started in 2015 and developed in 2018 in collaboration with Vera Priklonskaya. Within this project, we create performance acts in public spaces, including streets, city parks, public transport, cafes, galleries, shopping malls, zoos, factories, etc. Working closely with the notions of visible and invisible, private and social, imaginary and profane, we aim to reconsider what is normal and acceptable for a human body in a context of an everyday city. During each intervention, we devote all of our focus and sensitivity to explore how the public space influences, limits and changes the way we move, and how we, ourselves, can move and change the space in multiple ways. The main lead of this project is an extended sensitivity and corporeal awareness of movers in a city.

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