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video/ 3 min/ 2022

Idea/ choreography: Dasha Sedova

Camera/direction: Masha Tchernaya

Performers: Anna Zelikova, Katya Davydova, Lera Sofina, Osvaldo Gomez, Vanya Meetin, Dasha Sedova

Dogs: Guner, Chumeechy, Fey

Fall away, fall apart, fall on, fall in, fall back, fall behind.. and finally fall from the grace. Falling, moving from up to down with an unpredictable result, is often associated with a failure. Even though physically falling is inherent to every step we take, the Western culture tends to resist falling prioritizing verticality, linearity, and order over it.

In this work, we are exploring falling as integral and essential movement in our life. In an attempt to befriend gravity, we spend a week in Eastern Georgia researching how to fall into pleasure, not only retraining our reflector responses but our ways of thinking of the world.

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