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performance/ aprox. 40 min/ 2017-18

Concept and choreography: Dasha Sedova

Performance: Dasha Sedova, Anton Vdovichenko

Media: Anna Rappoport

Shown as work-in-progress on 03/02/2018 at SDVIG studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

This piece began with a solo created in a disciplinary-creative institution in Israel. In it, I explored a physicality of a limited body as a translation of my experience of belonging to institutions. Being part of a dance training, I started noticing how the restrictions and regulations of the school life affect my mental state and my physical behavior. Gradually the institutional limitations have become interiorised and influenced my idea of my own capacities - what I can or cannot do with my body. This emotionally charged solo was split into two bodies in order to distill its physicality and rub it into the space. ADAM is a work-in-progress but in this process, I am now with three collaborators each of whom bring their own experience and content in the research.

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