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Site-specific performance / 150 min / 2018

Concept and choreography: Dasha Sedova

Performance: Dasha Sedova

Performed during ‘Performance Night’ in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Every moment of time, I measure the distance between my nasal bridge and a flowerbed, between my left clavicle and a wineglass in that guy’s hand, between my foot and a second-floor window. Body is an ever-changing object in space, between my body and the surrounding landscape there are invisible, radiating threads. With my attention and my blue tape, I choose to manifest physically some of them, creating my own mapping of the space. Once emotional and/or physical connection with a spot established, I am taping a mark and continue my mapping. Body is my only measure, helping me to perceive the scale. Instinctively, I recognize the body size in surrounding objects. The smaller the object is - the more intimate I feel about it, the bigger space or object is - the more public sensation is. 254' is the measure of this space in square meters, by the end of this attempt to invade the place, I will know how many moves of mine it consists.

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