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Performance / 120 min / 2018

Performance: Kinga Otvos, Dasha Sedova

Shown on 24/02/2018 in Tranzit House, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

They could be Andrea and Andrea. He is really handsome. He might be a clown. And she? She could be an acrobat? yeah. Lara and Stefan. Mahmud. Lara and Mahmud. Mahmud, he is Egyptian living in Spain. He is Spanish guy. They are hitchhikers. And nomads. She is a nurse. She can’t be a nurse. They are in a helicopter. Oh shit, they are holding their hands. It is a beginning of a love story. They are father and daughter. On an annual trip to grandma. No. This is Boroka again. She is learning to drive. It is in the 90s. She is Jewish. She looks like Jewish. A mother. Of 5-year old son. She is divorced. He is a 17-year-old guy on the mountain trip. His name is Peter. or Jack. Hi, I’m Jack. We share the outcomes and footprints of the time spent together in the Tranzit house playing around. For one evening, we want to open our working space and playground of the beautiful synagogue which has hosted our artistic laboratory for 20 days.

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